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Student Services and Program Agreement


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This Student Services Agreement and any Addendums or Exhibits (herein collectively “Agreement”) is made and entered into effective as of the “Effective Date” as indicated by the date at the end of this Agreement, by and between the Student whose name appears at the end of this Agreement and SMITHWORKS INC. (SWI) (“Company” or “SWI”), located at:

9116 Dorothy Lane
St. Francisville LA 70775
(225) 784 – 2168

For purposes of this Agreement, Company and Student are each a “Party” and collectively are “Parties.


WHEREAS, Company provides health coaching services to individuals;

WHEREAS, Company’s health coaching services are provided through a four-month program entitled Third Covenant (“3C”) (“Program”);

WHEREAS, Student desires to undertake the Program recommended to him/her and the Company desires to render that care; 

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual agreements between the Parties and for other good and valuable consideration, the Parties hereto agree as follows:


Company will supply the following services (“Services”):

  • Supplements: Prep Phase Supplementation, Body Phase Supplementation, Brain Phase Supplementation, Cellular Vitality Supplementation Phase, CZI (Vitamin C, Zinc & Immune Support) Supplementation, Collagen Supplementation, Lysine Supplementation, and pH Testing Strips ($1,046.60).
  • SMITHWORKS INC. Proprietary Third Covenant Process & Guidance: SMITHWORKS INC. developed a proprietary process which includes different phases and milestones ($1,951.39).
  • Six (6) one-on-one strategy sessions with a Personal Health Coach: The six (6) individual sessions include: On-Boarding Call, Prep Phase Supplementation Call, Body Phase Supplementation Call, Brain Phase Supplementation Call, Cellular Vitality Supplementation Phase Call, and Final Health Assessment Call (included in cost).
  • Access to the 3C Virtual Health and Wellness Portal: Student will have unlimited access during the program which offers numerous resources such as recipes, educational information, worksheets, interactive pages, and videos to guide and support Student (included in cost).
  • Additional included services and products(included in cost):
    • Private Access to Team of 3C Experts
    • Access to Private 3C Membership
    • Access to Personal Health Coach
    • Nutrition & Supplement Expert
    • Extensive approved foods and drinks list
    • 3C Recipes and Cooking Instructions (currently in creation process)
    • Stress and Emotional Detox Training
    • Monthly virtual NAQ Progress Tracking
    • On-Boarding Call and Strategy Session
    • 3C Success Evaluation
    • Food and Mood Log
    • Support Throughout Program

Services that are not included are: medical treatment or services, psychological services or therapy, the cost of lab tests, medications, medical devices, any additional supplements that are not listed above, emergency or urgent care, services by other providers, recommended follow-up therapies or services, any software or items not listed above, computer, cell phone, food items, or exercise equipment.


Student acknowledges and understands that in receiving these Services, there are expected risks and benefits. The direct risks include adverse interactions or allergic reactions to supplements and Student agrees to advise Company immediately upon experiencing these side effects. Indirect risks include, but are not limited to, that Student may forego more recognized or routine approaches of care. However, Student understands and is advised to continue Student’s conventional care (as applicable, under the treatment of Student’s primary care physician or relevant specialist).

Company may recommend that Student eliminate food intolerances like gluten, sugar, and dairy from Student’s diet and Company may coach Student on how to do an elimination diet, including but not limited to, swaps, resources for eating out, recipes, etc. Other suggestions may include eating more protein and nutrient-rich foods like vegetables. Some diets have a risk of ketoacidosis which can be life-threatening. Lifestyle suggestions include optimizing sleep which includes but is not limited to proper sleep hygiene, relaxation techniques, hydration, and self-care practices like meditation, yoga, and creative expression. Other suggestions for treatment could include fasting and other forms of detoxification. While this is generally safe, some people may experience a healing crisis, which may be a short period in which symptoms increase or flu-like symptoms occur with mild fever, chills, dizziness or loss of appetite. Such an experience, while unpleasant, can signal the body is effectively detoxifying or undergoing a healing effort. Company recommends that Student contact Company immediately if Student has any of these side-effects or contact Student’s healthcare provider immediately or dial 911 in the case of a serious reaction.

There are additional risks and benefits in taking any recommended dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are marketed for general well-being, or as intended to affect the normal structure or function of the human body, for example, “calcium builds strong bones.” Thus, although Company may recommend dietary supplements with a specific therapeutic purpose in mind, manufacturers and distributors are prohibited from making drug or therapeutic claims for dietary supplements, and their use is chiefly designed to support general well-being or certain aspects of metabolic function. While most dietary supplements are generally considered safe, efficacy has not conclusively been established; and in some cases, adverse reactions can occur if Student is concurrently using pharmaceutical medications (drugs). For this reason, it is important to keep all health providers fully informed about all medications and dietary supplements Student may be taking.

Student is encouraged to discuss any concerns, questions, or limitations that Student may have in participating in the Program. Student is also encouraged to discuss the education, training, and background of Company’s Coaches and any other staff providing suggestions during the Program. Although these individuals may be licensed professionals, they are acting in a capacity as a health coach and not as a licensed provider. Any reference to these credentials are strictly to inform Student of the training and background of the individual in order to make an educated  decision in consenting to the risks and benefits of the Program.



Student Signature and Email

I, the Student to this Agreement, understand and acknowledge the above information regarding the assignments of this Agreement (between me, the student, and SmithWorks Inc.), recitals, the services to be provided, and risks and benefits. I also acknowledge that I understand this and consent to participate in the Program. I, the Student to this Agreement, also understand this is Page One of this Agreement and there are seven pages to this Agreement. I also understand a pdf of this Agreement will be emailed to me upon completion.


By using your electronic signature, you, the Student, acknowledge and agree that it carries the same legal weight and validity as your handwritten signature. It serves as your authentic and binding endorsement and agreement on this electronic document, just as if you had physically signed this Agreement with pen and paper.

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