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Our Goal is to Help You Understand and Utilize God’s Provision to Balance Your Weight and Health in a Low-Stress, Affordable Manner.

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biblically-based holistic care

Third Covenant Membership

What is Third Covenant?

Third Covenant, a division of SmithWorks Inc. (SWI), offers a private online membership providing members with comprehensive step-by-step guidance to address the underlying causes of prevalent modern diseases.

Through the integration of Scripture and Biblical teachings, we honor God’s promise as the creator of all things, including our bodies, and strive to provide the resources necessary for achieving balance, repair, and optimal health.

Third Covenant Mission

Our mission is to help people of all faiths make the connection between God’s perfection in His creation of you (the image of Himself), your current state of being overweight and/or disease (the counterfeit image Satan has devised), and God’s promise that He has created ALL provision so you can address health issues while walking more closely with Christ Jesus.

Third Covenant Vision

Our vision is to help people of all faiths understand that:

  • God created each of us to be lean, strong, healthy and full of vigor and life
  • Satan, the father of lies, has created a world of deceit and destruction wherein most believe that only pharmekia, which means “sorcery,” can ease suffering and reverse disease
  • God, the Great I Am and most powerful Lord on High, will always prevail and His will will always be done
  • God, in His superior and perfect wisdom, created and provided to each of us everything we need, as He said in Genesis 1:29 and Genesis 9:3, to be healthy and full of vigor well into our old age
Why a Membership?

Third Covenant is a faith-based ministerial organization acknowledging the truth that individual liberty is given to men by our Creator and that individuals and families have inherent autonomy over their own health and education choices.

Guided by our faith in God, Judeo-Christian principles, and the Holy Scriptures, we teach people of all faiths and walks of life to exercise their natural freedom to lose weight and restore their health using God’s provisions and bring God back into their daily life choices.

Our Beliefs & Values

We believe God loves us and wants us to be saved. We believe God wants us to be happy and healthy. We believe Satan wants us to be angry, confused, and diseased. We believe that God knows exactly what He’s doing and that He gave us Western medicine for our emergency use only, not as a daily “food.” We believe Satan has confused the masses into believing that only poisons and unnecesasry surgeries can save or restore our health. We believe Satan is wrong. We know God is more powerful than Satan. We believe God created for us and gave us everything we need to maitain and when necessary, regain, our health. We believe it pleases Him to see us honoring His creation.

God the Father,
God the Son,
God the Holy Spirit

We believe God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are three separate entities but joined as one. We believe God the Father sent God the Son to this Earth. We believe God the Son sacrificed himself so many can be saved. We believe God the Son ascended into Heaven and the Holy Spirit was sent to us to be our helper and guide.

Health and Wellness

We believe God created man in His image. We know God has not experienced sickness and that God created us to maintain a healthy state of being throughout our lifetime. We believe Satan whispers into the ears of weaker souls and they, doing Satan’s bid, have corrupted modern medicine so that it does more harm than good. We believe this is not pleasing to God.

Food and Water Supply

We believe our environment (the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we consume) has been tainted with substances originally designed so the global population would have sustenance. We believe Satan has again intervened and what began with the best of intentions has resulted in a poisonious air, food, and water supply that slowly infiltrates the body and eventually a diagnosis of disease is made by the modern medical industry.


We believe that once you are Saved, you are forever saved. We believe that the consumption of malnourished foods and a poisonious water supply, while leading to eventual disease and early demise, matters not in the Heavenly relationship between you and God. We believe that what you consume and breathe matters greatly in the earthly relationship between you and God.

Taking Advantage of
God’s Complete Creation

We believe the majority of people do not understand the role our modern air, food, and water supply plays in the health of their Spirit, Mind, and Body. We believe God has led us for the past 20+ years down a path of education and understanding. We believe it is our duty to provide those who will hear and have hearts to receive both the simple and complex ways to take advantage of the everything in God’s creation to which we have access. We believe this is important so we can feel better, be happier, be more in tune with the Holy Spirit, have increased vigor, and live a longer, healthier life.


Third Covenant


Turning away from the lifestyle that has gotten you into your current spiritual, mental and/or physical condition.


Enhancing awareness of and accepting guidance from the Holy Spirit who resides within you & rebuilding structure of the body.


Improve your relationship with God to revitalize your health, increase your stamina, energy, vigor and spiritual awareness of Him.

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

We are Christians with a combined 40+ years in the wellness industry. We are of strong faith and worship a loving God and wrathful God. Our prayers are for His faithful and those who seek Him to be healthier, happier, and more in tune with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith

MBA, Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Massage Thearpist

Cathy, born in 1962, holds a Masters’ degree from Phoenix University (2006) and is a certified Naturopathic Doctor (2017) and Licensed Massage Therapist (2020) from Trinity School of Natural Health. With a background in web design, she dedicates her time to maintaining this website while also working as a self-employed pain relief therapist and health coach. Passionate about mitigating the harmful effects of our modern food supply, Cathy tirelessly assists others in overcoming disease and trauma, aligning them with a path of holistic healing.

Gerald "Zach" Smith, Jr.

Gerald "Zach" Smith, Jr.

Chemist, Technical Writer and Researcher

Zach, born in 1954, obtained his Chemistry degree from Louisiana State University in 1976 and is preparing for retirement from the chemical and petroleum industry. Alongside his current role as a Bible Study teacher and Seminary student, Zach has nurtured a deep passion for God’s Health Plan, stemming from his understanding as a Chemist of the health risks associated with our modern lifestyle. His dedication to promoting holistic well-being and sharing the wisdom of God’s health principles drives his commitment to helping others achieve optimal health.



  • Biblical truths that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He condescended to this Earth which was and is full of sin and ill repute to sacrifice Himself and be resurrected on the third day. These acts of pure love fullfilled every Old Testament prophecy about the coming Messiah and provides the only way for you to have eternal life with Him. The alternative is an eternity without the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
  • Scriptural understanding that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are all ONE God with separate functions of the Godhead. The Holy Spirit has been sent to us by God the Father to be our comfortor and our guide. Everything created by God including the foods we eat, the liquids we drink, the dirt under our feet, and the air we breathe has been corrupted and poisoned by Satan with the veil of goodness and care. Our job is to rebuke Satan and utilize God's provisions (just as He promised), the best we can, so that our body will return to vigor, the mind to calm, and our spirit to peace. These things are necessary so we can recognize and hear the Holy Spirit as He comforts and guides us toward God's path for our lives.

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